Wednesday 4 October 2017

Cork Archives uploads St Finbarr's burial registers

Cork City and County Archives has uploaded a full transcription of the 1867–1896 burial register for St.Finbarr's municipal cemetery in Cork City.

St Finbarr's Cemetery
Photo from Google.
The register spans 5 December 1867 to 10 June 1896 and holds records of about 5,700 burials. As if often the case with interment records, more detail about the deceased is provided in these registers than in his/her death certificate.

Particularly useful for genealogists is the attempt to include information about the deceased's place of birth. This isn't always supplied, and even when it is, it may only provide a pointer, but better a pointer than nothing. Two examples: Mary Skuze, who died in April 1885 at 14 Duncan Street, Cork, was born in Dunmanway, in the southwest of the county, and John Geraghty, who died May 1894 at 17 Summerhill, St Luke's, Cork, was born in County Roscommon.

Other information transcribed from the register is the location of grave, date of death, date of interment, religion, occupation, last place of residence, and marital status. This is the only St Finbarr's burial register currently held by the Archives, but it is hoped that additional registers (currently held by the cemetery) will be made available for digitisation in the future.

If you locate an ancestor in this register, you might like to check out the; an ongoing project by a local team is working on photographing and transcribing headstones in this cemetery.