Tuesday 13 October 2015

Valuation Office cuts fees for Griffiths research

Cancelled/Revision Books at the Valuation Office
Researchers visiting the Valuation Office are in for a very pleasant surprise when they next trip along to Lower Abbey Street to study the Griffith's Valuation Cancelled/Revision Books or maps.

It's now free to search the Books. Seriously.

There's no day or hourly rate to pay and the old charge of €3.80 to view the books of a District Electoral Division has been abandoned. The only charge for which you might have to stump up is the fee for self-service colour photocopies of the Books; if you need them, you'll be charged €1 per copy (previously €1.27).

Copies of maps have also been reduced. The scanned black and white maps (dating 1850s–1870s and 1970s–1990s) can now be printed off for just €1, down from €6.35, while copies of the original colour archive maps (1880s–1960s) will be charged at €3, down from €12.70.

The only increase in fees comes with 'distance research' ie an email or postal query that involves Valuation Office staff carrying out research at the request of someone who cannot make a personal visit. This fee has gone up from €25.39 to €30.

You can see the new fee structure here.

This is great news for Irish family historians visiting the VO. The old day rate and DED book charges could soon mount up. More than a few times I've handed over €30+ after doing a few hour's research in the VO office and I'm sure professionals have coughed up a good deal more on occasion.