Friday 2 October 2015

Sad ending for ex-slave George Ellis Bernard Freeman

The story told in the RCB Library's Archive of the Month (see yesterday's blogpost) about the young African boy rescued from slavery and baptised in Ireland seems to have touched many researchers.

One of them, 'Dave H', responded to RCBL's request for additional information about George Ellis Bernard Freeman and, having carried out some research, sent his findings to Irish Genealogy News. I've passed them on to the Archivist at RCBL.

Sadly, George's life was all too short. Within only a few months of his baptism in 1855, he died in England and was buried in an unmarked grave in Clifton churchyard, Bristol. This was recorded as a 'Brief Memoir of George Ellis Bernard Freeman' in a book published in 1857 called The Church Missionary Juvenile Instructor (pgs 231-3). You can read the memoir free of charge on Google Books.

Many thanks to Dave H.