Thursday 8 October 2015

Trinity College Dublin launches free Rebellion course

Trinity College Dublin has created a free online history course, 'Ireland in Rebellion, 1782–1916', which will focus on the events and individuals which led to the creation of the independent Irish state, beginning with the winning of legislative independence, and exploring the competing forces of constitutional nationalism and radicalism.

The 14-week course, taught online by Trinity historians and other experts, is aimed at the general public as well as second-level teachers and students and will explore the forces that helped shape modern Ireland.

Here's the course schedule, to whet your appetite.
  • The Challenge of the 1916 Rising: Irish History from the American War of Independence to the First World War
  • The Age of Revolution, 1775-1796: Ireland and the Atlantic World
  • Ireland in Flames: the 1798 Rebellion.
  • The Irish Act of Union, 1800
  • Robert Emmet and the Rebellion of 1803
  • Daniel O’Connell and the Winning of Catholic Emancipation, 1801-1829
  • The Struggle for Repeal, 1830-1847
  • The Famine, Young Ireland, and the Fenians
  • The Rise and Fall of the ‘Uncrowned King of Ireland’
  • Unionism versus Nationalism: Ireland in Crisis, 1900-1912
  • From Lockout to War, 1912-1916
  • The 1916 Rising
  • The Winning of Irish Independence: 1917-1923
  • Commemorating Ireland: Challenges and Opportunities
You can find out more on the Trinity College Dublin website.