Friday 20 February 2015

Have your say: Northern Ireland Libraries open hours

Here's an opportunity to have your say about the reduced hours of service being imposed on Northern Ireland's libraries.

Last November, the Board of Libraries NI cut opening hours at very short notice, without any public consultation, saying the reduced hours were an 'emergency' step and 'temporary'. They now say the revised hours will continue until at least Autumn this year. And just for good measure they plan to reduce the hours of some libraries still further from the Autumn. Fifty-two of the ninety-eight libraries in the Northern Ireland network are subject to cuts. Only five libraries gained hours.

The Board has now agreed, relunctantly, to find out what the people who pay for the service think of these proposals. An online survey – LNI Opening Hours Review 2015 Adult Questionnaire – is now available, as are hard copies in public libraries.

The public consultation will continue until 17 April.