Tuesday 6 August 2013

Scots-Irish DNA lecture: 16 September

PRONI has announced that it will host a lecture by Professor Bruce Durie as part of the Ulster Historical Foundation's conference 'Return to the Cradle of Irish Presbyterianism'.

Scots-Irish DNA: Is there a reliable way of determining ancestry from DNA? will introduce:
  • the basics of the science of DNA testing
  • the differences between and uses of the types of test: Y-DNA (STR and SNP), mtDNA (mitochondrial), autosomal/whole genome
  • how to interpret results; what to look for in Scots-Irish lineage research.
The lecture will take place on Monday 16 September at 3:30pm at PRONI, Titanic Boulevard, Belfast. There is no charge and there doesn't appear to be any need to book in advance.