Friday 30 August 2013

One-week reprieve for GRO Research Room relocation

Just one more week at the Irish Life Centre
The General Register Office's Research Room in Dublin has been given a one-week reprieve! Its smart and conveniently-located office at the Irish Life Centre was due to close today, but it seems the grim gulag in Werbergh Street isn't yet ready for its new residents. Researchers are therefore advised to continue to use the Irish Life office up to 6 September.

For any researcher who's even slightly aware of his surroundings while pawing over the civil registration indexes, the move to Werburgh Street will be a grey day. Just look at the pictures to the right, both taken last week. When I visited the Werburgh Street site, workmen were about and I could hear banging and sawing. Let's hope they've got a spare can of paint to cover over the gruesome Bismarck shade on the exterior walls before Monday-week.

The Future: Recently renovated?
And as for the 8feet-high detention-centre hoardings that almost encircle the building...

It's a depressing sight. Makes the Irish Life building look ravishingly glamorous in comparison.

Responding to recent contact from the Council of Irish Genealogical Organisations, Brian Hayes TD, Minister of State at the Department of Finance, re-iterated the explanation for the money-saving move being part of the state's rationalisation of rented premises.

Describing the new location as a state-owned building 'at the rear of Dublin Castle', he added: 'The building was recently renovated with extensive improvement and used as the Media Centre for the EU Presidency. The Office of Public Works has received a list of requirements from the GRO and is meeting these needs.'

The Research Room will re-open in Werburgh Street on Monday 9 September and will operate the same hours as currently ie 9:30am to 4:30pm.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: See blogpost 7 September
and the latest news 10 September and 13 September.