Thursday 27 June 2013

DIPPAM back online after technical hitch

If you've been trying to reach the DIPPAM (Documenting Ireland Parliament, People and Migration) website over the last week or so, you'll know it's been offline.

I'm pleased to say that the technical problem has now been sorted and the site, possibly best known for the searchable Irish Emigration Database, is now available once again.

This seems a good opportunity to draw researchers attention to this important resource!

DIPPAM is an online archive of documents and sources relating to the history of Ireland and its migration experience from the 18th to the late 20th centuries. It's a project developed by Queen's University Belfast, the University of Ulster, Libraries Northern Ireland and the Mellon Centre for Migration Studies.

In short, DIPPAM is a treasure trove that can only be appreciated when you dip in. Here's a taster of some of the surprising and incredibly useful content it holds, in addition to the Irish Emigration Database:
  • Return of 1102 persons committed for Contempt of Court 1839–1849
  • The Emigrant's Directory & Guide to obtain Lands and effect a Settlement in the Canadas, 1833
  • Lists of convicts and vagabonds for transportation, 1737
  • Return of staff employed as Stampers at the Stamp Offices of Dublin, Edinburgh and London, 1845-46
  • Irish Immigrants to Atlantic Canada, 1832-1846, by Terrence M. Punch FIGRS