Thursday 27 October 2011

Ancestral connections: Titanic

Tonight's Find My Past programme on the Yesterday TV channel features three people with connections to the Titanic.

They are all connected to the story via Lifeboat 14 which went back to rescue people from the sea as the great ship sank. There is a relative of a lady who was lucky enough to be in a lifeboat to begin with and the relative of a steward who was rescued from the freezing water. The third contributor is related to a Marconi wireless operator who stayed on board doing his job until the water entered the cabin; without the tireless wireless signalling that continued long after the ship hit the iceberg there would have been no survivors at all.

Here's a teaser clip for tonight's show:

The show will be broadcast on Yesterday at 9pm. This channel is on Sky (537), TalkTalk TV (115) and Virgin Media (203) and Freeview (12).