Thursday 23 November 2023

Military Archives releases 15th instalment from MSPC Project

The Military Archives has today published its 15th release of records from the Military Service (1916-1923) Pensions Collection (MSPC). It is the second release this year (for details of the June release, see blogpost).

The 2,200 new files relate to claims lodged by 863 individuals/veterans or their dependents. They contain new information on the War of Independence and the Civil War and provide significant insights into post-conflict lives. They include:

  • 381 applications lodged under the Military Service Pensions Act, 1934.
  • 257 applications for service pensions under the Military Service Pensions Act, 1924 (National Army applicants).
  • 10 claims for wounds lodged by women.
  • 155 claims for dependency (74 of them lodged by mothers in respect of deceased sons).
  • 1 successful application lodged by a 1916 veteran.
  • 570 applicants were successful in their claim for both War of Independence and Civil War service.

This release brings the number of individuals included in the MSPC online database to 18,235.

Taking into account all the MSPC file series, about 121,900 files have now been catalogued and approximately 80,200 are now fully digitised.

You can download a pdf list of the individuals (involved in this 15th release) who lodged claims.

Highlights of this latest release can be found on the Military Archives blog here.