Thursday 23 March 2023 adds Full Text Search function

A new edition of Irish Genealogy Matters, the newsletter of the Irish Family History Foundation that co-ordinates the island-wide network of local genealogy centres, has been published. You can view/download it here.

 Full Text Search is available only from a county search page.
It brings news of a handy new function on the database. It's a Full Text Search, and allows researchers to search for words (not names) that appear in various records.

This allows you to search for occupations (go easy on the blacksmiths), or status such as illegitimate, foundling and twin, or other information of interest

The Full Text Search option is only available to those with a subscription.

To access it, you need to be logged in, and making a one-county search. (The search will not be offered if you have not selected a specific county database.)

Click on 'Search' in the horizontal menu, and then select Full Text Search in the drop-down menu (see image). You then enter the word/words you want to search.

The new Full Text Search facility is an excellent addition to and will really open up the database, especially to historians or researchers making selective topic searches.