Thursday 2 March 2023

Irish Registry of Deeds Index Project: February update

The volunteer-managed Irish Registry of Deeds Index Project has been updated and now offers 538,443 indexed entries for researchers to search, free of charge. The entries have been transcribed from 55,754 memorials of deeds.

Additionally, the Grantor Index has been updated.

Nick Reddan FIGRS, the Australia-based founder and manager of the Registry of Deeds Index Project, has highlighted one of the memorials indexed in this most recent upload. It was registered on the 9th of April 1726 'at 1 o'clock in ye afternoon', and records Margrett Bermingham nee Donaldson's giving over her rights to the estate in order to prevent an argument with her aunts and uncles. It appears her father, who died when she was a minor, had either mislaid or concealed his father's will, giving Margrett, his only heir, an advantage over his siblings.

Click the image, above right, to view the indexed details of this Memorial (no. 31428). Beneath the tabulated landing page, you'll find a button inviting you to 'Go to image number 424 in the memorial book'. Click on this to view and read the Memorial on the FamilySearch site.