Wednesday 14 December 2022

TipperaryStudies releases Revision Books for North Tipperary

Tipperary Studies, the local studies department of the county's Library Service, has released the first instalment of its project to digitise the Cancelled Valuation Books / Revision Books for the 75 District Electoral Divisions (DEDs) in North Tipperary.

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This first tranche sees 57 volumes covering 23 DEDs uploaded to the Tipperary Studies Digital Archive. They date from 1902 to 1917 and can be used to trace the occupiers of a particular property over a period of years. (For more information about the genealogical value of Valuation Revision Books, see this dedicated page on my website, Irish Genealogy Toolkit.)

The DEDs covered in this release* are Abington (3 vols); Ballycahill (3); Borrisnafarney (2); Borrisnoe (2); Bourney East (3); Bourney West (3); Finnoe (2); Foilnamon (3); Holycross (2); Inch (3); Killavinoge (2); Killea (3); Killoscully (3); Kilnarath (2); Kilrush (2); Littleton (3); Longfordpass (2); Moycarkey (2); Moyne (2); Rathnaveoge (2); Templederry (3); Thurles Rural (3); Timoney (2).

The Tipperary Studies digitisation team is now working on the remaining 52 DEDs in its collection. It hopes to have the second batch ready for release in late spring 2023.

For privacy purposes, only volumes produced up to 1921 will currently be made available online. However, revision books up to the 1960s are available to personal visitors to Tipperary Studies, which is based at The Source Library, Cathedral Street, Thurles.

Please note that Tipperary Studies does not hold the Cancelled Valuation Books for South Tipperary.

* The number of volumes for each DED is shown in brackets.