Monday 29 November 2021

40,000 names added to Irish-rich Boston Savings Bank collection

AmericanAncestors has updated its Irish-rich Boston MA - Provident Institution for Savings, 1817–82 collection. Four more volumes, or ledgers, have been digitised and uploaded, adding more than 40,000 names to search.

     Click image to view a sample page from a Signature Book

This collection launched on the New England Historic Genealogical Society's database in October 2020 and I blogged about its value to Irish family historians at the time.

Rather than repeat that post, I'll simply let you link to it for a quick read, here. It explains the contents of the ledgers and why this is such an important collection for resarchers whose ancestors from Ireland immigrated or settled in Boston, Massachussets.

The collection, when completely digitised and available to search, will comprise six Waste Books and six Signature Books.

Waste Books record transcription ledgers showing how much and when each account holder deposited funds money or requested a cheque to be raised to a third party. Signature Books note personal information provided when the account was opened: Irish county of birthplace, customer's residential or contact address in Boston, occupation and, in some cases, marital status.

For now, the following volumes can be explored in the database (bolded books are from the latest upload):

  • Waste Book 1A, 1817-1820
  • Waste Book 1B, 1820
  • Waste Book 1C, 1820
  • Waste Book 4C, 1821-1833
  • Waste Book 1D, 1 Mar 1821 - 5 Jun 1822
  • Waste Book 1E, 1822-1824
  • Signature Book 10, May 1854 - Jun 1855
  • Signature 11, 1854-1858
  • Signature 14, 1863-1867

Together they provide a collection of just under 70,100 records.

You'll need an Individual-level and above NEHGS membership to search or browse this collection.