Thursday 25 April 2019

Limerick Union Board of Guardians files now online

Limerick Archives has uploaded freshly digitised material from its Limerick Union Board of Guardians Minute Books collection to its online archive at

Click image for enlarged view of page
The content is free to access via a series of downloadable pdfs from the detailed description page. Some of the files are quite large (the Death Register, for example, is only a smidgen under 70Mb), so those of us laggards on rural broadband speeds need to exercise some patience.

The collection is split into the following distinct parts:

Board of Guardians Minute Books, 1842-1922. Meetings were held weekly and the Minute Books hold reports of the Master and Other Officers, orders of and letters from the poor law commissioners, proposals and resolutions passed, payments made and a summary of the population in the workhouse with details on the number of admissions, deaths and discharges, the number of children, the number aged and infirm, and the number of lunatics. (120+ pdf files)

Board of Guardian Rough Minute Books, 1842-1883 (5 pdfs)

Rural Sanitary Board Minute Book, 1885-1890 (1 pdf)

Contagious Diseases (Animal) Committee Minute Book, 1878-1893 (1pdf)

Wages' Book, 1916-1919 (1 pdf)

Letters from Local Government Board, 1887-1895 (5 pdfs)

General Ledgers, 1842-1875 (1 pdf)

Register of Deaths, 1907-1915 (1 pdf) To see a sample page, click image above.

The team at Limerick Archives advises that Board of Guardians' material for the Unions of Croom, Glin, Rathkeale, Newcastle West and Kilmallock will be joining the online archive soon.

You can view the full digital archive, presented by theme/category here.