Friday 12 May 2017

County Louth and the Irish Revolution
Louth, as with many other counties in Ireland during the revolutionary period, was changed irreparably by outbreaks of violence and ever-mounting animosity towards the British presence in Ireland. A new book County Louth and the Irish Revolution, 1912–1923, has been published to tell the story of the fierce military action and its impact on daily life.

The book is probably the first local history of the county during this period and brings to light a wealth of stories that will appeal to a general public with an interest in a time where everyday life was overturned. Critically, these stories reveal new findings about the early military skirmishes in the local area by towering republican figures, Seán MacEntee and Frank Aiken, how the Civil War struck Drogheda and Dundalk with a conflagration unlike anything previously witnessed, and new research is revealed into the sectarian massacre at Altnaveigh.

The economic, political and cultural experience during these years is also fully discussed, providing stark evaluations of social classes, gender, church communities, traditions, and the intrepid activities of Cumann na mBan, the RIC and the IRA.

You can see the Table of Contents, and the names of the contributors, on the publisher's website: click the image.