Monday 6 March 2017 offers 1/3rd discount on annual sub, the online database of an island-wide network of local genealogy and heritage centres, has announced a terrific discount offer with a one-third reduction on annual subscriptions running from now until Monday 27 March. That's not only a good-sized saving, it's also a relatively rare price-cut – RootsIreland doesn't run too many special offers.
The unique database has more than 20million records, the majority of them church register transcriptions. In addition to Roman Catholic records up to the 1920s, the site has the only sizeable collection of transcribed Church Of Ireland, Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist and Congregationist registers. It also has full transcriptions of civil registration birth and marriage records for about half the island.

As you can see from the map, right, RootsIreland's coverage extends across most of Ireland. You can check the precise records it holds for each county using the site's Online Sources widget.

The current Special Offer reduces the cost of the RootsIreland 12-month subscription to €150 (down from €225); £123 (down from £185); and $170 (down from $255).