Friday 17 March 2017

FindMyPast adds 370,00 Irish records to its database

FindMyPast has uploaded an additional 372,900 records to its Irish collections, as below:

Directories 1636 - 1799: Browse over 20,000 records taken from 85 volumes of Irish directories and almanacs. This is a real mix of publications listing establishment figures such as church officials, government leaders, land owners, peers and aristocracy. A full list of all the publications available can be found at the bottom of the search page.

Legal Administration: The four publications in this record set relate to the law and courts and include prison studies (quality of food, living conditions, punishments etc), Assizes records, lists of judges and a guide book for Civil Service clerks produced by Bram Stoker.

Memorial Inscriptions: The collection consists eight publications of indexes to memorial inscriptions found in 58 cemeteries across Dublin, Meath, Louth, and Wicklow, and holds 1,400 records.

Surnames & Family Histories: Over 800 records have been added to FindMyPast's collection which holds pdf documents of assorted documents from ten family history and local history publications. A full list of the publications included is available at the bottom of the search page.

Histories & References: The various titles in this collection provide images of iconic landmarks in Ireland as well as descriptions of townlands and local people. Publications include the Album of Ireland, A Little Tour of Ireland, Ireland in Pictures and The Tourist's Picturesque Guide to Ireland.

Society of Friends (Quaker) births: The collection holds more than 85,000 new Irish Quaker records from all over Ireland. Information varies, but most records will include name, birth date and place, parish and address. Most will also contain parents' names, addresses and occupations.

Society of Friends (Quaker) marriages: An additional 20,000 marriage records have joined the existing collection. As well as the names, address and marriage details of the newlyweds, you may find parents' name and address for both husband and wife, an attendee list including names and dates of birth, and even details of the meeting.

Society of Friends (Quaker) deaths: An additional 24,000 records have joined the existing collection. They date back to 1654. Details included in the records can vary, but most will include the deceased's name, address, parish, death and burial dates, age at death and parents' and/or spouse's names. Additional notations may be also included in images of the original documents, such as "a young child" or "widow, an aged woman".

Society of Friends (Quaker) congregational records: An additional 250,000 records have joined the existing collection. These records, dating back to the mid-1600s, comprise minutes from half-yearly Quaker meetings. As well as a transcript, each entry includes an image of the original handwritten record. The information included will vary, but most will include name, congregation date, address, meeting, archive and reference.

Society of Friends (Quaker) school records: An additional 9,000 records have joined the existing collection, which now tots up to more than 53,000 records and covers six different schools. Details contained in each record will vary, but most will list the pupils name, age at last birthday, school and department, admission year, leaving year, parents' names and occupations