Monday 17 October 2016

Latest updates to Ireland Genealogy Projects Archives

During the first two weeks of October, the Ireland Genealogy Projects Archives website has been updated with the addition of the records and photos detailed below. All entries have been donated by volunteers and are available free of charge on the site:

CAVAN Genealogy Archives
Headstones – Virginia Church of Ireland Graveyard

DUBLIN Genealogy Archives
Cruagh Headstones – Pt. 5, Rockbrook
Mount Jerome Headstones – Pts 139-140
Deansgrange Headstones – Assorted Photos (Partial); St. Mary's Section Pt. 12

MAYO Genealogy Archives
Headstones – New Castlebar Cemetery (Nuns + more)

TIPPERARY Genealogy Archives
Memorial Cards – Memorial Cards (Updated)

WICKLOW Genealogy Archives
Headstones – Greenane, Main Cemetery (Additional 50).