Monday 2 March 2015

Ancestry raises subscription rates

My weekend didn't start off on a good foot when an email arrived from advising that the cost of my membership subscription would be increasing from this month. Here's the breakdown of the (old) and new rates from Ancestry UK/IE:

Essentials membership     (£10.95) £10.95 monthly       (£83.40) £95.99 annually
Premium membership       (£12.95) £13.99 monthly     (£107.40) £119.99 annually
Worldwide membership     (£18.95) £19.99 monthly     (£155.40) £179.99 annually

Only the Essentials subscription is unaltered, allowing the company to continue promoting their prices as 'From £10.95'.'s membership packages are arranged somewhat differently and I don't know if they are also subject to price increases.

Subscription hikes are never welcome, even if they are a fact of life, but they're also a timely reminder to reassess your genealogical budget and expenditure.