Wednesday 17 April 2013

Ancestry marriage records are free until Sunday

Get ready to throw the confetti!

Ancestry is offering free access to marriage records from today until Sunday 21st April.

Only the dot com version of Ancestry seems to be giving this promotion any active treatment, but search results via dotcom include returns for Ireland and the UK. (They also occasionally include a death or birth record, but don't tell anyone!). It will end at midnight US Eastern Time. You can access the search page directly by clicking the image above.

While the version doesn't seem to be making any noise about this promotion, you can still get free access to the marriage records. I've just run a few searches from this search page and then narrowed down the categories on the next page to Marriage & Divorce, and found the full range of marriage records (bonds, allegations, licences etc) returned in the search results and with full access to images.