Wednesday 2 March 2011

Belfast City burial records go online

Burial records from three Belfast cemeteries - Belfast City, Roselawn and Dundonald - have been released online.

They can be accessed at

This is the first stage of plans by Belfast City council to make more than 360,000 records accessible to more people. Chairman of the Parks and Leisure Committee, Councillor Peter O Reilly, said: “This information will be of great value to professional and amateur historians as well those tracing their family history.

“It has been hard work but it is not yet complete. We need the public to use the site and report back on any information which might still need to be added to the online search facility.”

At present the accessible information includes the name, age, sex, date of death, date of burial, cemetery, grave section and number, and last place of residence.

The council holds only limited records on the city's other cemeteries - Clifton Street,Friar`s Bush, Knock and Shankill - and these cannot be accessed on the website.

However, information on these burial grounds is available via the city's Cemeteries and Crematorium Office on 028 9027 0296 or by email:

Burial records from Milltown Cemetery are also not included because this cemetery is not within Belfast City's care.