Wednesday 6 October 2010

Yet more Chelsea Pensioners!

The Chelsea Pensioners records collection from 1760-1913 has been completed at with the launch of the final records from 1900-1913 (see posts of 9 May and 3 June for details of earlier releases).

Among the latest batch (which comprises 341,888 records and nearly 2million images) are service records for the Territorial Force and Volunteer Service Companies. The Territorial Force was formed in 1908 so these men would not have appeared in earlier record releases.

Also for the first time online are the attestations for men who joined the Volunteer Service Companies during the Boer War.

These men, who had previously served with Volunteer battalions, re-enlisted with these special volunteer companies and served alongside regular soldiers in the regular regiments.

Many Irish soldiers served in the British Army during the period covered by Find My Past's Chelsea Pensioner Records. While this latest tranche of records probably has a smaller Irish connection than earlier releases, it may still prove worthwhile checking for an important but elusive ancestor.