Monday 22 August 2022

Latest developments at the Irish Registry of Deeds Index Project

The volunteer-managed Irish Registry of Deeds Index Project has seen several updates over the last few weeks, as well as noting news of recent developments to the site and guidance for those involved in the transcriptions of memorials. Here's an overview:

Latest stats:
The main index, as of a couple of weeks ago, stands at 498,373 indexed records from 51,960 memorials of deeds.

Townland Index
A recent milestone saw volunteers complete the transcription of the townland index for County Kildare 1708-39. If you were thinking of volunteering to help maintain this progress, for Kildare or any other area, take a look at the county-by-county coverage.

Quality control and database improvements
Nick Reddan, the manager of the site, says that while the number of new entries joining the main site has slowed a little recently, he and other volunteers have been improving the quality of the main database by correcting some errors. In addition, the team has been focussing on adding links to each indexed entry direct to the image of the respective memorial held on FamilySearch. Any indexed entry for a memorial in books 200 and below now has a direct link.

Script changes
The scripts behind the Browse-by-Name and Browse-by-Number pages needed to be changed. While they now look a little different, they operate in the same way as previously.

Colour photos of memorials
The newly-launched Virtual Record Treasury released online colour images of Registry of Deeds Transcription books numbers 1–30. Some volunteers find these easier to transcribe than the black and white images held on FamilySearch, so Nick has tweaked individual index entries to include a link, where relevant, to the Virtual Records Treasury images. He explains this further, here.

Pages missing from FamilySearch's collection
Nick has written a brief note to draw attention to the fact that the FamilySearch image-set of the original memorial transcription books does not include every page. You can see the missing page numbers and an explanation for how this may have occurred here or via the FamilySearch navigation aids tab.