Monday 13 September 2021

10-day summary of new & updated British genealogy collections

Below is a summary of new and updated family history record collections for England, Scotland and Wales released by the major genealogy databases over the last 10 days (see previous summary, 3 September).

My regular summary of releases and updates relating to British collections is designed to help family historians whose Irish ancestors migrated, temporarily or permanently, to England, Scotland or Wales.

By default, it will also be useful to anyone carrying out research in those three nations, regardless of the origin of their ancestors.

The figures in parenthesis in the New Collections section are the numbers of records/images in the new record set.

Unless otherwise stated, the figures in parenthesis in the Updated Collections section reflect the number of records added to the collection in the recent update. In some instances, the supplier has not made this figure available. Where two figures are given, the first is the number of additions, the second is the new total.

Please note that I don't usually include updates of fewer than 1,000 records.


BritishNewspaperArchive (and shared with sister company FindMyPast)
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Croydon Times Westminster Times

West London Times East London Advertiser

Kingsland Times & General Advertiser Chelsea Pimlico Advertiser

Colonist & Commercial Weekly Advertiser The Crown

Sunday Morning Herald Weekly Globe

The Union London Railway Newspaper

Francis's Metropolitan News Illustrated London Life

London Chronicle and Country Record West End News

The Palladium Picture Times

The Metropolitan The Sunday Evening Globe

The Vindicator (London) The Morning Gazette

London Journal/General Advertiser for Town & Country The Age

The National Protector The New Globe

Pen and Pencil Liverpool Telegraph

Tower Hamlets Mail Newark Advertiser

Bright's Intelligencer and Arrival List Daily Director and Entr'acte

World and Fashionable Sunday Chronicle

London Daily Guide and Stranger's Companion



National Library of Scotland



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