Monday 18 May 2020

Tell future generations about Lockdown life in Dublin

DVL&A, Pearse Street, Dublin 2
Dublin City Library & Archive has launched a new archive called the 'Covid-19 Lockdown Collection' and wants people from all over the city to submit materials documenting their experiences during the pandemic and the unprecedented restrictions which came with its arrival in Ireland.

Archivists are aiming to ensure that a true picture of how the people of Dublin fared during this time is preserved for future generations.

The type of materials sought includes:
  • Letters or emails from frontline staff, businesses, and the general public telling of their experiences, heart-warming stories, and frustrations;
  • Photographs showing the impact of the lockdown on work, life and locality;
  • Signs or artwork placed in windows, e.g. thanking frontline staff;
  • Accounts of a typical day under lockdown;
  • Accounts of the virus and hospital stays from those who have contracted Covid19;
  • Postcards with Covid-19 thoughts or worries;
  • Stories of the every-day heroes who are doing good deeds to ease the burdens of others;
  • Stories from non-Irish nationals about their experiences in Dublin during the lockdown;
  • Accounts from homeless people and those living in emergency accommodation;
  • Any other unique, contemporaneous records which tell the story of the Covid-19 pandemic in Dublin.
Detailed information about the new archive and the process for submission of materials can be found at