Tuesday 19 September 2017

Up to 40% off Irish Newspaper Archives subscriptions

The Dublin-based Irish Newspaper Archives has had a website refresh and a re-brand. Gotta love the green!

To celebrate the new look, which is better in tune with the company's Irish origins and the heritage of the newspapers in its database, the family-run firm is offering a couple of discounts on its subscription packages, as follows:

1 Month subscription:
30% discount – coupon code Web30

12-month subscription:
40% discount – coupon code Web40

Subscriptions can be purchased in Euros, US$ and GP£.

In addition to the new appearance and presentation, detailed information about the origins (founders, circulation, political/religious orientation) of each newspaper is being added to the site. It's not yet there for every title, but it will be steadily added as this project progresses.

See the full list of titles in the Irish Newspaper Archives.