Wednesday 5 December 2012

INA adds Limerick Leader and Kilkenny People

Irish Newspaper Archives (INA) has continued its programme of new releases with the following publications now ready for searching:
  • Limerick Leader 1905–1970 and 1989–2000
  • Kilkenny People 1921–1960 and 1981–2004
The Donegal News 1940–1979 should be added to the INA line-up before the end of the year.

Next year will see more copies of the Belfast Newsletter available on the site. Editions for the years 1738–1799 (with some gaps) are already searchable and they will be joined by those for 1800–1899 during the first quarter or so of 2013.

Irish Newspaper Archives plans to have at least one newspaper per county on the site by the end of next year.