Wednesday 18 May 2011

News snippets from mid-May 1871

Since the last week or so has been a bit quiet on the genealogy front, here are some snippets from newspapers published in mid-May one hundred and forty years ago.

Royal Zoological Society of Ireland Gardens, Phoenix Park
Last few days for seeing the wonderfully sagacious Asiatic elephant previous to her departure for America. This animal performs on the organ, Pandean Pipes, Mountain Horn and articulates many words most distinctly. Grand fashionable promenade on Thursdays, when Military Bands attend at Half Past Three O'Clock. Admission on Weekdays Sixpence.

Lamentable Attempt at Suicide
Last night Eliza Jane Cook, living in Clopton, threw herself and her little girl, aged five, and a little boy, aged two, into the River Lea, near the high bridge. The girl was saved, but the mother and little boy were drowned. The cause of the act appears to have been the receipt of a letter from her husband, a brick maker, who had emigrated to Canada, speaking despondingly of his prospect of being able to send for his family.

Alleged Robbery
Mary Nolan, char-woman, was brought up in custody of Detective-officer Wilson, charged with stealing several towels, a table-cloth, and other linen articles, in June 1869, from the Imperial Hotel, in which was occasionally employed. The manager of the hotel identified the articles and stated that the reason why the case had been followed up was that the respectable servants of the house felt much distressed that anything should be stolen from it. The officer deposed that he arrested the prisoner in a pawn-office in Buckingham-street, whilst she was renewing the pledge, which she had done at intervals since the property was stolen. The prisoner was remanded.

Lord Mayor's Court 
Sanitary Protection
Lewis Farrell, victualler, Lower Baggot Street, appeared to answer the complaint of Myles Lyons that he had sold him, on Saturday 27th April, a cow's head, which upon being boiled on the next day, emitted a horrible odour and was quite uneatable. Complainant brought the cow's head to the sanitary officers of the Corporation on the following Monday and they submitted it for analysis to Dr Cameron, who pronounced that it was putrid and unfit for human food. In his defence Mr Farrell said that the animal to which the head had belonged was slaughtered on the same day with others, the heads of which had been sold on the same days that complainant purchased the one which formed the subject of his complaint. The Lord Mayor held that the case had been proved and fined the defendant 5s with costs.

Adulterated Milk
An aged woman named Margaret Walshe, who resides at 7 Longford Street, appeared to answer the summons of the Corporation sanitary authorities for selling adulturated milk. Mr Edwards, sanitary inspector, deposed of his having purchased a pennyworth of milk from the defendant, which he subsequently sent to Dr Cameron to have it analysed. Dr Cameron now deposed that the milk was half water. The defendant pleaded poverty, and said that she was leaving the trade. A fine of 1s was imposed, the magistrates stating that the authorities had determined to put an end to the selling of adulterated milk to the poor by small dealers.
Mr Edward Ennis, who appeared in all the sanitary cases, said that the unmistakable poverty of the defendant prevented his asking for the full penalty usual when such convictions were obtained.

Street Beggars
To the Editor of the Nenagh Guardian
Sir - Is there no one to look after the town and prevent strangers being subjected to the annoyance they are by the hordes of beggars to be met with every yard you move, the great majority of them vagabonds able, but too idle, to work? I do not remember, since the famine years, Nenagh to be so full of the class I allude to. They do not seem to be in the least dread (of) the police, who allow them to annoy and abuse you without taking the least notice of their conduct. I hope the authorities will see to this disgraceful nuisance in your town, which, if allowed to continue, will in the end materially injure it. There is no excuse for the class, as they have the workhouse or outdoor relief to select from.
Yours truly
One of the Annoyed.